What Makes a Good Website? 8 elements of a Good Website

December 27, 2018

A large number of existing layouts and themes have made creating a website hassle-free. But if you require a website that’s not just off the rack and want to stand out in the market, your website needs to be remarkable, just as you are.  So, what makes a website good? What are the factors that make your website win the competition?

8 Elements of a Good Website

We are now well aware of the benefits that a website serves us with. From being professional to getting more sales, a website is the holy grail of your online business. But now that you have a website or getting a website, how do you decide if it is a website that will work?

Here are the 8 important elements of a good website.

1. Visually Appealing

Your website needs to be well-designed and structured properly as it is the digital representation of your organization, and your brand. Make sure your website looks professional and clean rather than seeming cluttered.

Take advantage of white space and ensure there is enough of it. Often, enough white space is what makes the website appealing. Quality graphics is another important factor to make your website stand out.

2. Fast Load Speed

40% of people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This data makes the importance for the speed of a website clear. Test regularly to troubleshoot problems related to speed or functionality of your website because it is important. Each page should be quick to load and fully functional because any of them can be the only page your potential customer visits.

If any of your website pages is broken or slow, it will make the users abandon the website and get their desired requirements somewhere else.

3. User-friendly

Your website can have the best designs and low loading time, but if it’s not easy to use, visitors may not enjoy their experience. Avoid making the site visitors hunt for information. The user experience (UX) has to be seamless. Your site should have clear and obvious navigation which should be consistent throughout the website.

4. Responsive and Mobile-friendly

Having a responsive website indicates that your website will work smoothly on all devices.

Around half of all web traffic comes from mobile and the percentage is only expected to grow more every year. Paying attention to this detail can give you a huge competitive edge. Having a responsive website indirectly influences your SEO rankings, as well. Whenever you are having your website made by someone, ensure they are giving you a responsive website. Otherwise, you will be losing many visitors.

5. Clear Call to Action

What is the intent of your website? Do you want users to check out a product or service? Do you want them to explore your range of products? What is it that you want them to do?

Have a clear answer to these questions and highlight the answer on your website with the help of appealing and clear content. Don’t make your visitors be wanderers. Let them know what they can do. Is it getting them signed for your email list or follow your social media accounts? Make it clear with a call to action.

6. Secure and Trustworthy

When you are just launching your website, you have to give reasons to people to trust you and your brand.

Firstly, get the technical security in place. Getting an SSL certificate, using an updated software, and adding a security plugin are few of the important tasks to do.

Secondly, upload social proof to make your visitors trust you. Social proof includes testimonials, press releases, certifications, and awards, if any.

7. Transparent

Consumers love transparency. Whenever someone is visiting your website, if it’s for a product or service, they would want to see your pricings. Instead of keeping it a secret, keep your pricing public for your potential customers.

They will reach out to you for further information. But if you do not list your prices, mostly, they will leave your website to look for someone else who has their prices listed. If you are providing custom services, list the benchmark prices for people to get an idea.

8. Built for Search Engines

Maximum traffic for most websites come from search engines. This makes search engine optimization an integral part of the website that should be incorporated in the website throughout the building process.

Once technical SEO is taken care of, the web content can be optimized.

Get a Good Website that Makes You Unique

At Megacloud, we take care of all the factors mentioned and even more. We align your vision and purpose with the technicalities that make a website great. Do you want a good website that both users and search engines love? Get it here!

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